Graphic Design

Learning Goal:

We are learning about graphic design.


Mind’s On:  

Read:  “10 Basic Principles of Graphic Design” found in your OneNote Content Library.


Practice the Canva Tutorials

Next, create research notes on your topic for Technology and the Environment.

Pixlr Image Portfolio

Pixlr Image Portfolio

Review the images that you have edited using Pixlr. 

  • Animal Hybrid One 
  • Animal Hybrid Two 
  • Banner or Smore Background 
  • Desaturation 
  • Blur a face 
  • Patterned text 
  • Remove a background 
  • Remove  an object 

Choose 5 images to add to your Image Portfolio that shows you know a variety of editing tools.  

To make your Image Portfolio, make a copy of the PPT below and save it to your English CommTech folder in your OneDrive.  

Image Portfolio Template in PPT

Week of April 8

Practice Quizlet list: What is Comm Tech? 

Take test. Screenshot result and put it in your notebook. 

Work on Pixlr video tutorials. 

Conference with Ms. Balen on reading about communications technology jobs.